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Provides affordable quality healthcare to underserved areas of India through community outreach camps, mobile clinics and health centers.

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What is the urgent social or environmental need you are addressing?

India’s public health system is over-whelmed with patients but suffers from poor infrastructure. Its private clinics are too expensive, concentrated in city centers and focused on tertiary care when the actual demand is for basic primary and secondary care.

According to the WHO, the country has some of the poorest maternal and infant mortality rates and one of the highest incidences of needless blindness. 20% of the world’s maternal deaths occur in India. All it would take to eradicate this? A facility that provides inexpensive, basic deliveries, child care consultations and 15-minute cataract surgeries in a clean environment to a regular family where an expecting mother visits the doctor along with her infant and a family elder typically suffering from age-related eye problems.


Why are you passionate about bringing Unreasonable to this particular location? How could an Unreasonable Lab help address critical social and/or environmental needs in the location you propose?



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Why is your team uniquely qualified to help launch an Unreasonable Lab in the location you propose? What unique skills, abilities, and expertise do you bring?

In the last 5 years, Chaupal has held nearly 150 health camps covering 400 villages in Haryana state bordering Delhi. 1500-2000 village folk are screened for various morbidities including preventive blindness at each camp. Every day, about 85 patients are treated at the health center, which covers an area of 20 villages. We have been especially successful in bringing women, children, and elderly – the most vulnerable and neglected demographic - to the health center. Our CSR partners include prominent Indian business corporations such as Tata Motors, ONGC, Petronet, GAIL, and Discovery Networks. Employing a team of 20 people and operating on an annual budget of INR 3,000,000, Chaupal has pioneered the preventive screening and mobile medicine approach that is effectively addressing the access issue in healthcare, and has also held annual rural marathons to create health awareness (that garnered participation from 10,000 people).


About Aloka Singh

I am a co-founder of Chaupal where I focus on strategic planning and business development. Prior to Chaupal, I was a management consultant at Deloitte where I worked on business transformation projects for Fortune 500 companies in healthcare, pharmaceutical, financial services and retail industries. My work experience also includes internships in investment banking at Barclays Capital and Piper Jaffray. Born and raised in India by physician parents, I experienced first-hand the inequities in healthcare, which inspired me to start Chaupal. I hold a Bachelor’s in Economics from University of Delhi, Master’s from UPenn and MBA from Cornell University.

About Dr. Monika Puri

Dr. Monika Puri is the Chief Operations Officer of Chaupal. She brings deep patient management and clinical experience in epidemiology, child and maternal health, and public health intervention with patients across the social spectrum at a leading public hospital in New Delhi. She has led national public health programs such as Pulse Polio drives and carried out strategic planning and implementation of programs proposed by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. An avid sportswoman herself, she was also a member of the anti-doping medical committee of the Commonwealth Games 2010 held in New Delhi. She holds an MD in Community Medicine from Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi.

Why is your team uniquely qualified to run this venture?

Our team brings a perfect mix of talent and expertise combined with a spirit of determination and innovation. Our founder and visionary, Dr. Tonk, is a professor and practitioner in medicine with over three decades of clinical experience at a nationally renowned hospital. He is also an activist in the national healthcare debate and brings strong relationships with rural and urban citizen groups. Dr. Puri, our COO, has deep expertise and knowledge of planning and implementing public health programs having worked at a leading women and children hospital for over 7 years. Aloka, our co-founder, brings solid skills in strategic planning, client relationships and project management that she honed during her tenure at Deloitte.